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What does this mean? The other wedding workout programs would like you to believe that you can lose up to 20 pounds and keep it off by workout alone, or that you need expensive gym equipment and memberships. Other bridal workouts would have you buy into the idea that their system or equipment is some form of miracle. This is simply NOT the case!

Get the RIGHT Nutrition and Best Wedding Weight Loss Program. Succeed Now!

Travis’ Quick Wedding Weight Loss Plan is the ONLY complete program ANYWHERE that shows you step by step how to successfully get ready for your big day. From making healthy nutritional choices to bridal workouts that you do at home, Travis guides you with specific wedding weight loss advice that will ensure that you not only lose the weight for your wedding, but also have a clear, practical way to keep off the weight AFTER the wedding!

The "all-workout-and-no-nutrition" bridal workout programs were NEVER designed to give you long-term results.

Weight loss advice that encourages too much physical activity paired with starvation is not the way to maintain the results for which you’ve struggled. Travis’ Quick Wedding Weight Loss shows you how to lose up to 20 pounds without starving or feeling miserable with the arrival of your wedding day.

For $97.00, you get the entire Quick Wedding Weight Loss package,a complete nutrition and wedding workout program including:

  • 5 DVDs guiding you step by step, from nutrition to workouts, exactly how to lose up to 20 pounds for your wedding day.
  • A fifty page wedding weight loss manual created specifically for you to follow along with the DVDs.
  • Nutrition plan laid out step by step in both the manual and on the DVDs.
  • Complete instructions on the DVDs for the necessary equipment to do all this at home (usually available for under $70 in most areas).
  • Complete guide of optional supplements to enhance your results.
  • Six full weeks of FAT-BLASTING wedding workouts described to you in detail and then actually performed by one of Travis’ clients getting ready for her wedding.
  • Unlimited email support from Travis himself.

Lose the Weight BEFORE the Wedding and Keep it Off Forever AFTER!

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Quick Wedding Weight Loss Plan Bonus #1:

"How to Keep the Weight off after the Wedding" DVD, valued at $75.00, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Travis reveals his lifestyle program called Supportive Eating to keep the weight coming off!

Quick Wedding Weight Loss Plan Bonus #2:

"The Top Ten Secrets to Losing Fat” audio CD, valued at $75.00, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

Quick Wedding Weight Loss Plan Bonus #3:

A four hour, two DVD set of a nutrition workshop, “Myths and Truths,” valued at $100, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

Quick Wedding Weight Loss Plan Bonus #4:

A two month’s subscription to Travis’ Ultimate Home Workout System, valued at $98.00, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! This includes:

A DVD of Travis guiding you through the workout of the month.
A complete demonstration on the DVD of 1 new healthy and delicious recipes each month
The UHWS Insider, a newsletter with topics such as "Fat loss tip of the month, "Fat loss myths revealed," "Ask your trainer," and much more.
A monthly supportive conference call with Travis and other brides just like you!

The Quick Wedding Weight Loss Plan, with all these bonuses,
at a total value of $545, all for $97.00!!!

Imagine, a wedding workout that actually results in you
being happier and healthier than ever on your wedding day!
No need to dream any longer!
The Quick Wedding Weight Loss Plan can help you make this happen!!


"HOORAY for Quick Wedding Weight Loss Plan!!! Travis has a reputation for over-delivering when it comes to his profession, so I knew this new program would be great! The truth is that the Quick Wedding Weight Loss Plan is probably the FASTEST WAY to get your metabolism switched into a fat-burning mode. IT GETS RESULTS!!! And the six week timeframe is easy to handle. As Travis has said, ‘you can do anything for six weeks.’ I lost inches all over – in my waist, my back, under my arms, in my hips and in my legs. I feel and look SO MUCH BETTER and I’ll be keeping my body fat down through Travis’ method of supportive eating. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to get in shape for any event in six weeks!"

– Gail Daniels, mother of the bride, lost 14 pounds in six weeks!

"I just wanted to thank you for offering your Quick Wedding Weight Loss program. I am very pleased with my results and would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about looking great on her wedding day and needs an encouraging chaperone for accountability and support. I had reached an all time high in weight and knew I needed some serious help getting ready for my wedding and getting back into the groove of working out and eating right. The Quick Wedding Weight Loss Plan is THE BEST!!!! I am now working out every day after the wedding on my own and making good, healthy eating decisions. Make no mistake, the Quick Wedding Weight Loss Plan does require work, but perfect for anyone who is very serious about getting shape for her big day and getting healthy at the same time."

– Kari Porter lost 22 pounds in six weeks!